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Whisky Journal is an Android & iOS app that helps members discover and catalogue their whisky experiences.
Users create a Whisky Journal account in order to connect with their friends and keep their whisky ratings and reviews safely stored in the cloud.

We're a growing community of whisky lovers, who love to explore and discover great whisky.


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Promotion Opportunities

For Brands.

• Content Promotion

The first screen shown to all users when entering the app, is the featured content screen. This allows brands of any shape or size, to display promoted content. Whether you're:

  • Announcing a new series or bottle of whisky
  • Launching a new whisky brand/distillery
  • Advertising a new range of product that our users would enjoy
  • Or just looking to promote content that whisky lovers would enjoy (eg. whisky awards)

Whisky Journal provides a platform to reach thousands of whisky lovers.

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• Branded Content

Each brand in Whisky Journal has their own brand screen. From this screen, you're able to display:

  • Your brand's logo
  • A featured banner
  • Brief introductory content (text)
  • A link to your website

Stand out, educate users and get click through to your website, by supplying us your branded content.

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We've scoured the web for content on your brand's whisky. However there may be things that aren't 100% - perhaps we're missing a some bottles, or maybe the information we have is incorrect.

Ensure your brand and the whisky we show is accurate, by curating the whisky we show for your brand.

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